About Us

Central Technological Corporation (Centecorp) was formed as a consortium that resulted of the consolidation of several well-established privately-owned engineering and consulting firms from the Central Florida Area such as: Computational Engineering Technologies Inc.; Convergent Modeling Inc.; Gridcomm Enterprises LLC; and others.

Centecorp is managed and operated by ten members of different engineering backgrounds with vast academic, industrial, research, and development experience who have published a combined 250+ articles in different fields ranging from Numerical Modeling Techniques, Modeling and Simulation to Optimization:

Eduardo Divo, PhD (CEO)

Victor Huayamave, PhD

Andres Ceballos, PhD

Ron Eaglin, PhD

Alain Kassab, PhD

Karla Moore, PhD

Ray Prather, PhD (Senior R&D Engineer)

Kyle Beggs, PhD (Senior R&D Engineer)

Carolina Barriento, MS. (CFO)

Lorena BriceƱo (Senior R&D Engineer)

Centecorp licenses a variety of commercial software packages for Modeling, Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Computer Assisted Manufacturing, Statistical Analysis, and more. In addition, Centecorp has generated and owns a number of in-house developed computational tools for Engineering Analysis using the state-of-the-art technologies developed and published by its members.

Centecorp has a priority lease option on a high-performance computational facility called the Computational Mechanics Laboratory (CML). The CML houses a computational Cluster currently configured with high-end 108 (64 bit) CPUs, with over 250GB of RAM, and over 10TB of SCSI hard disk storage. The Cluster is interconnected through a 3xGigabit channel-bonded pipeline with independent non-blocking switches.

Centecorp offers full CAD and design services to build top-of-the-line models that can be directly rendered on a variety of rapid prototyping technologies such as: SLA, CNC, SLS, PolyJet and more. Centecorp has priority lease options with several prototyping and CNC Machining partners for direct access to these technologies on an on-demand basis.

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